Why Tomorrow Summit

The future is business as unusual. And there’s a storm blowing at the helm. In the face of climate change, growing frustration with political systems, and social inequality, the role of business is changing. Today, companies are seen as agents of change, driving the transformation of society towards a sustainable future.

As business leaders, we can lead the change – if we want to, and know what we are doing. But what does the transition require of us? Sustainability is no longer just about reducing risk. It is a competitive edge that secures the future of our companies. But we must stand together if we are to succeed.

This year, TOMORROW SUMMIT focuses on sustainable leadership; the mindset it requires, and the role of finance. In an inspiring setting, you will listen to international experts, learn from ‘best practice’ examples from successful companies as well as learn new methods for exchanging experiences and developing ideas in our Share & Engage sessions.In other words, TOMORROW SUMMIT brings together business leaders across industries and institutions to create a common ground for taking on the challenges we face, locally and globally. We want to create change – together.

TOMORROW SUMMIT takes place in an impressive circus tent with a sustainability festival right outside the canvas. You will be surrounded by thousands of people who have decided to take sustainable action and learn how to make a difference.So leave the business suit at home, get ready to think big – and enjoy the festival with your colleagues afterward.

About Tomorrow

At Tomorrow, we believe it is possible to change the world. We believe that you can make a difference and that together, we can make the future a better place for everyone. Today, too many are looking into a  bleak future, where climate crises and social inequality will shape the years to come. Prospects that leave many paralyzed of action.

But together, we can nurture a different future - a better future. We want to reinstall hope. We want to give us all the right to dream of a better future back through action, through inspiration. And through experiences that create behavioral changes.

We strive to translate the vision of the UN's sustainable development goals into concrete sustainable behavior throughout society - from the kitchen table to the conference table and from the children's table to the High Table.

Tomorrow is a non-profit platform for sustainable change for the many. For the engaged. For the curious. For the doubters who don't know where to begin. We put knowledge, people, and disciplines together in new communities across traditional boundaries and beliefs. And we do it to create new communities that motivate the individual to help create a more sustainable future - today.

Practical Info

Ticket types

There are two types of tickets – Corporate and Startup.
They both give access to Tomorrow Summit and
Tomorrow Festival on Friday, September 3rd.

Corporate tickets are for larger established companies.
Startup tickets are for companies with an annual turnover of less than two million DKK (270.000 €), or a non-profit organization.

Where and when does Tomorrow 
Summit take place?

Tomorrow Summit takes place on Friday 3 September in Valby Park in Copenhagen.

What about COVID-19?

COVID-19 is not yet behind us. At Tomorrow, we follow
the authorities’ guidelines at all times to ensure we can
host a safe summit.

If I cancel, will I get my money back?

If Tomorrow Summit for some reason is canceled, you will 
get your money back. You will receive an email directly 
from Ticketmaster with further information.


We hope you will make the climate- and environment-friendly choice and get to the summit by bike, on foot, by public transport, or carpooling.

The train and S-train stop at Ny Ellebjerg Station, which is 
only a 20-minute walk from Tomorrow Summit.