How can public and private funding together accelerate your sustainable transition?

It requires substantial investments in order to reach the climate and environmental goals set in Denmark, and the public sector provides some of the funding needed to help reach these goals. This funding needs to be distributed and exploited in the best possible way and that is the reason why it is important to focus on public funding  and how to use it for optimal sustainable transitions together with private funding. 

We will also discuss various difficulties in this process from different angles. what does it take in the future, how do we secure support and solutions, what do we need to be aware of, and what do we need to focus on working on? This will be a debate with experience and knowledge we can use in the future.

Speaker: Michael Zöllner, CEO, the Danish Green Investment Fund

Michael Zöllner is the CEO of the Danish Green Investment Fund which offers economic assistance for sustainable business transitions under the guidance of Danmarks Grønne Fremtidsfond. The fund co-finances projects which focus on increasing the sustainable transition within three areas: sustainable energy, energy savings, and resource efficiency. 

Mr. Zöllner holds a Master’s degree in Strategy and Financing from Copenhagen Business School. Since then, he has gained a solid experience within the financial sector through employment at Nykredit and at FIH Erhvervsbank until 2012, after which he was hired as CEO of NCC Property Development. Michael is additionally chairman of Tomorrow and member of Innovation Fund Denmark’s Missions International Advisory Board.

Speaker: Anne-Marie Levy Rasmussen, CEO, Innovation Fund Denmark

Since she started her work at Innovation Fund Denmark, Ms Rasmussen has worked from both the academic side as well as from the corporate one and has insight into political practices. With her thorough experience from her work both within the research as well as innovation field, Ms Rasmussen has continued the development of Innovation Fund Denmark, which improves strategic innovation and funds research projects. These projects facilitate growth and employment in Denmark and solve the challenges society faces. 

As a part of her work for the Innovation fund, Ms Rasmussen ensures, with the help of the board and in house experts, that the sustainability research funding, which the fund has been entrusted with, is put toward concrete solutions to climate change. 

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