How do we develop new solutions through corporate-startup collaborations?

It can be challenging to make a sustainable transition in a large company with the speed required today. The necessary, new solutions can be difficult to develop especially when production must be maintained concurrently, but is the correct expertise in house? Collaboration with actors who have expertise and a more agile organisation can be a step on the right track. Get inspiration on how you can facilitate corporate-startup collaborations and what can be achieved from them. The solutions to a sustainable transition can be found if we dare to explore the possibilities.

Speaker: Tenna Skov Thorsted, Sustainability Manager, Carlsberg

Tenna Skov Thorsted is the Sustainability Manager at Carlsberg Denmark who has worked for Carlsberg for the better part of 6 years. While at Carlsberg, her responsibilities have ranged from PMO Manager to Global Sales and Marketing Coordinator – and now she leads Carlsberg’s sustainability efforts. 

As Sustainability Manager, she is tasked with ensuring that the ambitious targets regarding Carslberg’s sustainability efforts are met and that the initiatives create value for Carlsberg’s customers, consumers, colleagues and society. These targets include ensuring “Zero Carbon Footprint and Zero Water Waste”, collaborating with the entire value chain, and providing targeted communication to colleagues, partners and consumers. 

Speaker: Anders Lendager, CEO and founder, Lendager Group

Anders Lendager graduated as an architect from the Aarhus School of Architecture. He is recognized as a sustainability pioneer, who is known for pushing the boundaries to make the Danish construction industry more sustainable and circular. His pioneering spirit is represented on the board of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, as member of the SDG Accelerator’s Advisory Board by the United Nations, as visiting professor at Aarhus School of Architecture - as well as different committees leading climate action and environmental development.

Anders has mastered the art of rethinking the foundation for how we go about construction projects and for how to generate new methods for upcycling of materials - thus creating a healthy, green and circular world for us all through the built environment.  

Lendager Group is a game changer in the built environment. They create innovative solutions, building materials and architecture within sustainability, circular economy and resource efficiency. 

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