How do you become a CEO activist?

An increased awareness from the world of chief executives demands a new approach to how you understand your part within the social debate. Where leaders in the past have mainly commented on their firm’s product and its influence on society, we are now experiencing a growing expectation of chief executives to exercise their power in order to bring about social change in new fields. For that reason, more and more executives have begun to engage in debates ranging from social inequality to climate change. This has become known as CEO activism and functions as an important tool to affect society and boost a company’s reputation. But how do you become a good CEO activist?

Speaker: Lise Agerley Kürstein, founder and owner of Agerley Public Relations

Agerly Public Relations is a boutique communication agency, specialising in strategic communication, personal branding, and communication consulting. Lise has more than 20 years of experience with communication, the media, and crisis control together with the development in communication of top executives, politicians, and cultural figures. Moreover, she is one of the first in Scandinavia to work on CEO activism - a new genre of senior executive communication which has emerged out of an increasing focus on the importance of senior executives to become active in their responsibility to society. 

Later this year, Lise Agerley Kürstein published a book about CEO activism where she describes why CEO activism is on the rise, and how it characterises senior executive communication today. In the book, she shares stories from many Danish and international senior executives about why they have chosen to become actively involved in societal issues. The book also contains good advice to senior executives who have ambitions to be CEO activists. 

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