How do you handle the next media nightmare?

The world around us places higher and higher demands on the sustainability efforts of corporations, which are followed carefully by consumers and activists alike. The increased awareness encourages firms to act, but it can also amplify the fear of failure in this new complex reality, where reports of greenwashing are on the rise and lawsuits against corporations are becoming increasingly prevalent. Can companies and activists meet on common ground around a unified aim regardless of their different principles, and, in that case, how?

Speaker: Helene Hagel, Climate and Environmental Policy Leader at Greenpeace

Helene Hagel leads the political work in the various areas Greenpeace operates within Climate and the Environment: Climate and Environmental Policy in Denmark, EU and globally, North Sea oil, and the sustainable transition in Agriculture. She works so as to ensure that the politician’s words and rules in the Danish climate policies are embodied in the actual transition of Denmark with a fair contribution to the global transition. 

Helene has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen. Her previous positions include, amongst others, Climate and Environmental Policy Leader at tjr Danish political party Alternativet. 

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