How do you lead a successful sustainable transition?

A transition to a more sustainable way of doing business is affected by legal regulations, user demands, requirements from suppliers and employees, and ethical concerns. For many businesses, such a transition represents a new form of complexity and leads thus to new practices. But what kind of leadership does this require? Hear about and discuss the management principles you can use to handle a complex sustainable transition successfully. 

Speaker: Claus Stig Pedersen, Head of Global Sustainability at Novozymes A/S

Claus Stig Pedersen is one of the country’s most experienced professionals within sustainability, strategy and leadership of companies and organisations. For nearly 30 years, Claus has been at the forefront of driving the development of this agenda both in Denmark as well as internationally. Claus has, among other jobs, acted as adviser for international corporations such as Walmart and Proctor&Gamble. In 2016, he was honoured by the UN for his work on putting sustainability on the agenda for the business sector. 

Novozymes is the leader in the bio-innovation sector and has focused their core business on contributing to the solution of three global challenges: climate, water, production and consumption. This happens by the innovation of the industry and consumer products in cooperation with customers and partners.

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