What are the pitfalls in net zero and how do we measure them?

We need to reduce our C02 emissions to take care of the planet and meet the Paris Agreement. One step forward would be to measure the emissions so we would know where we could reduce. Soon the EU will demand that emissions are documented, indeed, there are already several methods available, but how do we understand the many methods and terms such as scope 1, 2, 3? And how do we ensure that the measurements will actually lead to reductions?

Speaker: Charlotte Jepsen, former CEO, FSR - Danish accountants

Charlotte Jepsen is very experienced in the political system and the accounting business, and she has recently stepped down from her post as CEO of FSR - Danish accountants. Sustainability and the green transition has been of high priority within the accounting business for many years. In particular, there has been focus on organisations’ measuring, reporting and documentation of their business and work on sustainability. 

Besides awards for the best companies and counselling regarding their ESG-reporting, it is especially a new climate project with concrete suggestions, uniform measuring methods, standardised reporting systems, and verification of organisations’ data that have been important in pushing the political agenda and the organisations’ focus, which Ms. Jepsen has been in charge of. 

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